The Head of the Presidential Council Fayez Al-Sarraj urged Wednesday the African Union's High Ranking Committee on Libya to correct its stance toward the ongoing crisis in the country, expressing bewilderment about the silence of the African Union while an African capital is under attack.

Al-Sarraj's remarks came in his meeting with the head of the committee and President of Congo in Brazzaville.

The meeting discussed the developments of the ongoing fighting in Tripoli and the efforts of the African Union's committee to find a solution to end the crisis in Libya.

The Congolese President welcomed Al-Sarraj's initiative to end the conflict, saying there can be no military solution in Libya.

Al-Sarraj also briefed the President about the attack on Tripoli, countries and parties supporting Haftar's forces in this attack and the defense and protection of Libya's civilian statehood by the Libyan Army forces under his government's command.

"I know that the solution is political and my initiative aims at such a solution that will then pave the way for a national conference that will welcome all Libyans who believe in democracy and the civilian state, not those who believe in military solutions." Al-Sarraj said.

He indicated that the national gathering that he proposed would pave the way for elections before the end of this year in line with the cooperation with the African Union, European Union and the UN.