Libya's representative to the United Nations, Al-Tahir Al-Sunni, has reiterated the need for a time frame and a clear mechanism to address the controversial issues in the election laws.

Such an approach will help create appropriate conditions for holding elections, which key parties would accept, Al-Sunni told the UN Security Council on Monday.

In his speech, Al-Suni highlighted the conditions in the flood-hit cities in Libya and how the community overcame all political differences and stood as one nation.

He indicated that the rapid response of the Libyan people to their brothers in the affected areas "is a message for all political forces to unify ranks and get the country out of its crisis."  "The Libyan people are fed up with the vicious circle and the current situation," he added.

Al-Sunni also underlined Libya's right to manage its frozen assets, reiterating the authorities' refusal to be drawn into any cases or lawsuits in this regard. 

The ambassador took the opportunity to affirm Libya's support for Palestinian rights as they "suffer the killing, bombing, siege, cutting off of water and electricity, and attempted forced displacement that women, children, and innocent civilians are subjected to in Gaza.”

He criticized the "double standard policy" of the international community, as well as attempts to stir up confusion between the aggressor and the victim.

Elaborating on the issue, Al-Suni emphasized the importance of understanding and addressing the cause of the ongoing violence in Palestine and not to boil down the crisis to October 7.

He reiterated Libya's firm and unified position that the Palestinian cause remains a top priority for the nation, adding that the solution to the crisis comes through justice and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with Al-Quds as its capital.