The Constitution Drafting Assembly boycotting member, Salem Keshlaf, said the CDA meeting sessions outside Libya are illegal, pointing out that the federalists in the CDA are the ones who insist on staying in Al-Bayda or moving outside Libya, and oppose holding the meetings in another Libyan city.

In a televised statement, Keshlaf accused the UN of flagrant intervention in the CDA work by the UN envoy to Libya, Martin Kobler, underlining that such acts are a violation of the Libyan sovereignty.

“There are some efforts for changing the quorum in the CDA in an attempt to finalize the draft of the constitution and enforce the items related to women and minorities as well as Islamic Sharia and religious doctrines into the constitution draft.” Keshlaf said.

Besides, Al-Kufra-elected CDA member, Mabrouk Al-Zway, explained that some members called on Kobler not to busy them with meetings outside the country, saying that the CDA decisions taken outside Libya will remain illegal until they are approved by all members in Al-Bayda city or any other Libyan city.

Last Thursday, the CDA arrived in Oman upon the UNSMIL’s suggestion and hence held its first meeting in Salalah, Oman, on Friday in the presence of the UNSMIL head, Martin Kobler.