The Misratan member of the House of Representatives, Mohammed Al-Raeid, said the Egyptian committee that is tasked with the Libyan crisis and headed by the Egyptian Chief of Staff, Mahmoud Hijazy, will invite dignitaries from Misrata and Benghazi for a meeting in Cairo in the upcoming days.

Al-Raeid said that the meeting will aim at building bridges between different parties from the two cities, adding that Libya's current conflict is political not regional - between east and west Libya.

Al-Reaid was one of 16 figures in a delegation from Misrata who met the Egyptian Chief of Staff on Sunday in Cairo and discussed the current state of affairs in Libya.

A statement for the spokesman of the Egyptian Army, Tamer Rifaye, said that the meeting between Hijazy and the Misrata delegation reviewed Libya's crisis and how to use the results of the meetings that took place in Cairo in December 2016 to reach an inclusive reconciliation in Libya.

"We all stressed on the unity of Libya, support for building a civilian, democratic state, and boosting national reconciliation as well as fighting terrorism and rejecting foreign intervention." Rifaye added.

The Misrata delegation - headed by the member of the High Council of State Abu Al-Qasim Igzit - arrived in Cairo on Friday by an invitation from Hijazy.

Egypt is the ally numero uno for Khalifa Haftar and is always pushing for giving him a role in any political settlement in Libya.

Hijazy visited Haftar in Benghazi last May.

Likewise, the Egyptian committee led by Hijazy previously hinted that the Libyan Political Agreement ends next December, which was rejected by Libyan and international stakeholders, including the UNSMIL.