The Director of Sabha Administration at the Brega Oil and Gas Marketing Company Amer Al-Adly said that the Sabha oil depot receives 2.5 million liters of fuel from the Misrata oil depot, according to the new decisions of the Brega company.

Al-Adly added in a press statement that the daily distribution to stations in southern cities amounts to 1.2 million liters of fuel, while keeping quantities of up to 800,000 liters as a strategic reserve in the warehouse tanks.

He explained that the quantities of fuel allocated to stations from the Sabha depot amount to 1.1 million liters, in addition to 200,000 liters of diesel per day. He also pointed out that the number of cooking gas cylinders arriving in the southern region ranges between 2,400 and 3,000, which are distributed to distribution warehouses in the cities and villages of the southern region, indicating that the quantities are insufficient and do not meet the requirements of the region.

Al-Adly indicated that Brega Company received 5 platforms for immediate cooking gas filling to end the crises taking place in the southern region, adding that they will be installed in the cities of “Sabha, Wadi Atba, Brak Al-Shati, Ghat, and Ubari,” confirming that the south has not witnessed the installation of such platforms before, as gas cylinders usually come from the Misrata oil depot.