A unit of the Libyan Anti-Terrorism Force arrested on Saturday dawn in Bani Walid a man named Ashraf Al-Khazmi, who is a relative of a senior leader of ISIS Embarek Al-Khazmi that was detained by Joint Operations Force of the Government of National Unity on September 07 in Bani Walid as well in coordination with the Public Prosecutor’s Office, local sources have reported.

Clashes were reported in Bani Walid Saturday morning between the Anti-Terrorism Force and a human trafficker. Reports of an airstrike on human trafficking dens were also circulated but later, sources denied them.

A security source said the clashes were by using medium weapons in south Bani Walid in a farm in District 51 that is used for trafficking people, adding that the reason behind the arrest of Al-Khazmi was his relationship to smuggling and trafficking gangs not his relation to ISIS senior leader Embarek Al-Khazmi.