Clashes erupted on Saturday between two families of different tribes in Benghazi, killing at least five people, local sources have reported.

According to the sources, a row broke out between a family from the Al-Jawazi tribe and another from Al-Awaqeer in the Shibnah neighbourhood north of Benghazi.

Video clips on social platforms featured militias tampering with a dead body and dragging it along the road.

Victims organizations for Human Rights condemned the incident, which resulted in the killing of several people.

It also decried the tampering with the deceased bodies, stressing the need to establish security in Benghazi and eliminate the crimes plaguing the city including, kidnappings, enforced disappearance, arbitrary detention, and extrajudicial killings.

One of Haftar's loyalists, Osama Abu Hallaq, has taken to social media calling for the establishment of an army, saying that "those in Benghazi were just militias."

The security situation in Benghazi deteriorated sharply since 2014 after it fell under Haftar's control, where a squabbling between neighbours can end up with a deadly tribal clash.