A statement by the community components in Cyrenaica (Barga - Eastern Libya) called Monday for an investigation into all terrorist attacks that hit Benghazi and the rest of region.

The statement urged for unveiling the fate of the female lawmaker, Siham Sergiwa, as well as the legal activist Ahmed Al-Kuwafi, and explosion of Abrek Al-Lawati, Mahmoud Al-Abroki, and murder of activist Hanan Al-Barasi.

It also denounced assaulting women in their houses, in a reference to Khalifa Haftar's forces assaults on houses of Awaqir tribespeople in Benghazi, opening fire on some of the women.

The statement urged for revealing all secret detentions and prisons in Cyrenaica region and the fate of the kidnapped people, calling for punishment of those who were behind the abduction.

The Cyrenaica community called for withdrawal of brigades and military factions from Benghazi so that the Interior Ministry takes over the city, urging for national reconciliation and the return of the forcefully displaced people from inside and outside Libya to their houses, in addition to releasing innocent prisoners.