The Cyrenaica Society has condemned the bombing of airports, the abduction of women in Derna, and the crimes of abduction carried out by Haftar's forces in Tarhouna.

In a statement, it described the attacks on civilians and civilian facilities as brutal, pointing to the airstrikes on Misurata airport several times, as well as the airstrike on the Equestrian Club in Janzour district in Tripoli, which left several injured, including children.

"Such acts are contrary to religion and law and contradict the endeavours to build a state of institutions and law. It is a blatant attack on civilians and civilian installations and a massive war crime" the statement read.

It also urged all relevant authorities to exert all efforts, in order to protect civilians and return all kidnapped people and absentees, calling on the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) to shoulder its responsibilities towards these criminal acts.

"Such crimes would disrupt reconciliation efforts and the process of building a secure homeland that would bring security and justice for all", the statement added.