The Security Council has failed to implement decisions or impose punishments on either individuals or states, Libya's ambassador to the UN, Taher Al-Sunni said on Friday. 

Al-Sunni was speaking at a session before the Security Council to consider the situation in Libya.

He highlighted the 'impotence and division' of the Security Council on many issues, saying that Libyans were left in uncertainty on who was to blame for the UN's failure in Libya, "is it the strategy or the UN envoys sent there."

"Libya is facing difficult challenges and stands at a dangerous crossroad.. the Libyan citizen is all too aware that what is happening today is the result of accumulation and an extended crisis that has been going on since 2011," al-Sunni said.

Foreign interference was a cause for spreading chaos and conflict amid the complete impotence of the Security Council, according to Al-Sunni.

He indicated that terrorist organizations have returned to emerge in the country, especially in the southern region, and underscored that Libya could not be accounted for the illegal immigration flows as it has 'become a victim' in this case.

In his briefing, Libya's Rep. spotlighted the problems in the southern region in particular, including the deteriorating health care and services, displacement, and immigration. He said the people are tired of the recurrent crises that are just getting worse due to the political vacuum.