A Dutch journalist was killed in the coastal city of Sirte today, spokesperson of Misrata Central Hospital Akram Qliwan confirmed to Libya Observer, as fierce fighting continues to eradicate the radical ISIS group from the city.

Gliwan said the journalist was shot in the chest by an ISIS sniper during clashes. He added that the dead journalist works for the daily Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant. The victim was identified as photojournalist Jeroen Oerlemans.

Clashes against remnants of ISIS group renewed in Sirte on Sunday. The Libyan Air Force conducted six airstrikes in the early hours of the day to pave the way for the advance of the infantry in the third residential district.

Eight Misrata-led fighters were killed in today clashes, the Field Hospital has reported.

ISIS has been defeated from most of Sirte districts while small pockets of radicals are still resisting in some parts of the third residential district, neighbourhood 600 and sea-view Jiza apartment buildings.