Education Ministry in Tripoli condemned the assassination attempt directed at the educational invigilator of Central Tripoli, Ahmida Al-Gharyani, on Wednesday when he was getting out of the mosque from Fajr prayer.

An armed group tried to kidnap the education official but when failed, they opened fire on him and ran away.

The Education Ministry also added in a statement on Thursday that Al-Gharyani is now safe and sound as he was not seriously injured.

The statement indicated that the assassination attempt might be triggered by the invigilator's efforts to eliminate the cheating phenomenon in examinations.

The statement also called on all the state authorities to assume their responsibility toward protecting the citizens from the security violations of the outlaws.

Meanwhile, education officials and examination committee invigilators in western Libya did not report any violations or cheating incidents since the start of the final secondary exams in Libya, contrary to the eastern education sector, where many subjects' exam questions were leaked and several officials were placed under investigation.