Libyan FM Al-Mangoush summoned Egyptian chargè d'affaires Tamer Mustafa

The Libyan Foreign Minister, Najla Al-Mangoush, has summoned the Egyptian chargè d'affaires Tamer Mustafa over Egyptian media conversations inciting Egypt to invade Libya by likening what happened between Russia and Ukraine to the same situation between Libya and Egypt (border neighbors).

The Egyptian diplomat said the statements were made by parties that don't represent the Egyptian government and its position on Libya, while Al-Mangoush reiterated the historic relationship between the two neighboring countries.

Videos for Egyptian TV programs talked about the similarities between the Russian attack on Ukraine and the relationship between Libya and Egypt.

In one of the videos, Amr Adeeb, a presenter known for being close to Egyptian Intelligence, said Libya to Egypt is like Ukraine to Russia, adding that the chaos caused by Moscow’s attack on Kiev allows Egypt to take steps to its own benefit as there’s now an opportunity to do whatever Cairo sees fit.