El Senusi

Mohamed El Senussi, son of the Crown Prince from Libya's monarchical era, met with a group of sheikhs, leaders, and notables from the eastern tribes on Saturday as part of his third round of national consultations.

On his platform X, El Senussi expressed his satisfaction with the level of awareness and understanding about the critical phase the nation is undergoing.

He appreciated everyone's eagerness to contribute positively towards leading the country to safety through a sincere and serious national dialogue.

In early January, El Senussi proposed reinstating the 1951 constitution as a "logical starting point" for re-establishing democracy and reducing power struggles. "Reinstating this constitution could be practically helpful in several ways," he wrote on X.

The descendant of the former royal family criticized the international community's initiatives, which have failed to resolve the country's issues over the past 12 years, and referred to the outcomes of the national dialogue he initiated as a mechanism for national reconciliation.

In a parallel development, a report by the European Observatory "L'Europe du L'Europe" advised EU policymakers to pay more attention to the national dialogue initiative launched by the son of Libya's former Crown Prince. The report considered the initiative a significant step towards resolving the country's ongoing challenges.