The European Union's (EU) High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell, met in Brussels with the Deputy Head of the Presidential Council of Libya, Mossa Al-Koni, and their discussion focused on how to enhance the ongoing cooperation between the EU and Libya on key areas, including improving migration governance and management, as well as regional cooperation between Libya and the Sahel.

EU's High Representative highlighted the importance to make progress on the political process to overcome the current situation in Libya, reiterating the support of the EU for a UN-mediated political solution, based on an inclusive dialogue among all Libyan stakeholders, and ultimately aimed at elections.

The Presidential Council's media office said that the talks were led by the "One Desert Initiative" launched by Al-Koni during the regional conference held in Tunisia in November 2022, on border cooperation between Libya and the Sahel countries with the aim of combating border crimes, terrorism and organized crime, which was adopted by the EU.

Al-Koni stressed the need to accelerate the devising of a roadmap for joint cooperation between Libya and the EU to confront the challenges resulting from the unrest and changes in neighboring countries, which began to impact Libya, especially the southern region.

Al-Koni explained that Niger's decision to repeal the law criminalizing illegal immigration will be bad effect on Libya and can cause an influx of immigrants to cross toward Europe. He pointed out that Libya's vast borders make it difficult to control without logistical support from the EU, and coordination to exchange information and train Libyan cadres to confront these challenges.