The European Union (EU) announced its support to the Government of Niger in the field of assistance, protection and the search for durable solutions for asylum seekers and refugees who were evacuated from Libya through a project implemented by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) that extends to 2024.

According to a joint statement by the EU and UNHCR's delegations in Niger on Saturday, the project will provide protection for evacuees from Libya who are of concern to UNHCR under the emergency transit mechanism in Niger. 

The project also covers the organization of evacuation flights from Libya to Niger, refugee status determination and access to third-country resettlement, in addition to other complementary legal pathways, such as family reunification.

The EU ambassador to Niger said that this allowed them to extend the project by reinforcing their commitment of 2017, when they vowed to provide assistance to vulnerable people identified by UNHCR in Libya.