Clashes between the Special Deterrence Force (SDF) and gunmen from Ghararat district of Tripoli continued on Tuesday for the second day, bringing flights at the nearby Mitiga airport to a standstill.

The SDF declared the district as a closed military operation zone, urging people to stay away from the clashes.

The SDF moved into the district early Tuesday in an attempt to arrest wanted criminals. One SDF fighter was killed in the exchange of fire. Later, the force claimed full control of the district and said a combing operation for fugitives is underway.

The fighting closed the highway adjacent to Ghararat district and forced several residents to look for alternative roads.

There are no official reports on the number of dead and wounded during the two-day clashes.

Flights at Mitiga Airport were resumed in the afternoon after the end of the clashes.

The tensions started Monday night when the SDF arrested a wanted drug dealer from Ghararat. Later his gang members closed the roads and attacked Mitiga Airport where SDF headquarters is located.