The smugglers were detained on June 29, 2016 in Libya's territorial waters

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry declared on Friday that 4 of its nationals have been released from Libya.

The ministry said in a statement that 4 crewmembers of the Temeteron tanker were released by Libyan authorities on Thursday and they had returned home safely. 3 other Ukrainians are still detained. The ministry said it will continue to work via its Tripoli embassy on their release.

Libyan Coast Guard intercepted Temeteron tanker in June 2016 off Abu Kamash shores in Zuwara, western Libya. Nine crewmen; a Russian captain, 7 Ukrainian crewmembers and another from Greece were on board the tanker, which was about to smuggle Libyan fuel into Europe markets.

The Russian Foreign Ministry also declared today one of its nationals have been freed from Libya.

There was no official statement from the Libyan side about their release.