The Arab Maghreb Scholars Association (AMSA) has condemned the crippling siege laid by the Dignity Operation forces on families trapped in Ganfouda, western Benghazi.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, the AMSA indicated that the Haftar-ordered siege not only destroyed the houses of the families in different districts but also besieged tens of families in Ganfouda, pushing them into starvation to the extent that they started feeding on grass and filtering drops of water from the mud.

“Khalifa Haftar and his forces are still obstinate regrading providing safe corridors for the trapped families in Ganfouda.” The AMSA explained.

Likewise, the Ajdabiya Elders and Notables Council urged Libyan revolutionaries to be united and to support the Defend Benghazi Brigades as well as the Ajdabiya Liberation Room in order to help break the siege on Ganfouda into pieces and free the stranded women and children.

“We condemn the policy of starving people and striking them while they are defenseless.” The Ajdabiya council said in a statement.

It urged the eastern, western and southern tribes to do something to save the women and children in Ganfouda from the constant air attacks of Dignity Operation.

“All the civilians trapped in Ganfouda must be allowed to leave through a safe corridor and in the meantime, there must be medical and food aids arriving in the district for those people.” The statement adds.

Meanwhile, the UN envoy to Libya, Martin Kobler, tweeted on Wednesday that he is deeply worried by reports of the families trapped in line of fire with no food or water in Benghazi’s Ganfouda.

He called on Dignity Operation forces and Benghazi Shura Council to provide the families with safe passage for evacuation in a dignified manner, adding that they should be allowed to go to a safe place.

Families caught in the fight and under the bombing of Khalifa Haftar’s air force are suffering from terrible humanitarian and medical conditions as they have run out of food, water and medicines due to the Dignity Operation siege.