Ghana's embassy in Libya announced on Friday the return of 169 of its nationals in Libya to their country on October 26 in cooperation with the International Organization for Migration’s (IOM) office in Libya, within the framework of the voluntary return program for refugees and migrants to their homeland.

169 Ghanaians flew from Mitiga Airport in Tripoli to Accra as part of the fourth group of immigrants within the framework of the IOM's voluntary return program, “in order to achieve its goal of helping vulnerable Ghanaian citizens to return home."

The embassy indicated that the third batch of migrants who returned to Ghana included 134 citizens, as they were voluntarily returned from the city of Misrata to Ghana on October 10 within the framework of the Voluntary Return of Migrants Program, stressing that the total number of Ghanaian citizens who benefited from the IOM program in 2023 so far reached about 629 citizens.

The embassy indicated that return priority, as usual, was given to people in shelters, patients, families with children, stranded people, and the needy persons who need assistance to return to Ghana. It noted that it had begun discussions with the IOM regarding organizing the fifth flight within the voluntary return program for immigrants before the end of this year, “in light of the increasing desire expressed by many Ghanaian citizens residing in Libya to return to their home country," noting that it would notify those wishing to return after the necessary arrangements are completed.

The Ghanaian embassy also hailed the IOM for its continued support in establishing safe routes for Ghanaian citizens and other migrants to return to their countries of origin. It also hailed the coordination role played by leaders of various Ghanaian communities in organizing voluntary return flights of immigrants.