Libya's Grand Mufti, Sheikh Sadiq Al-Ghariani, has expressed concern over blocking roads, considering such acts as highway robbery.

In a statement on Al-Tanasuh TV on Wednesday, he said that "closing roads for any reason is illegitimate and should be eliminated from our practices if we genuinely desire the betterment and development of our country."

The Mufti explained that such behaviour is contrary to Islamic law and represents disgraceful conduct indicative of regression, chaos, and a lack of intent in establishing a state and supporting the law.

He criticized the actions of some residents of Tajoura, who blocked the eastern entrances to Tripoli in protest against the Internal Security's arrest of university professor Bashir Al-Areibi after the latter criticized the government and suggested a renewal of strikes in Libyan universities. 

Regardless of their reasons, such actions are displeasing to God and people, the Mufti added. He said it was the duty of the security directorate to forcibly open the roads and not allow disorderly and chaotic behaviour to prevail.