The Mufti of Libya, Sheikh Al-Sadiq Al-Gharyani, has called on Libyans to do more in supporting the people in occupied Palestine, urging Libyans on Tanasuh TV channel not to hesitate about helping their fellow Muslims.

"Libyans must remove all European military missions from the country and cut off oil and gas sales to Western countries that are loyal to Israel." The Mufti indicated.

He added that European presidents are siding with the Zionists for fear that they will be defeated, stressing that "they are indeed defeated."

The Mufti stressed that the Israel's demise is imminent, saying that "this is their end. I have no doubt about that. We must support our brothers, not abandon them."

He urged Libyans "to use their weapons in a way that pleases Allah," explaining that Europeans who support Israel are not affected by verbal statements, saying that what affects those people is action like "cutting off oil and gas to them and boycotting their goods."