The Man-Made River's administration said water flow from Hasawna wells had been blocked after an assault by an armed group Wednesday.

The administration explained in a statement that the armed group coerced the technicians of the General Electricity Company of Libya to cut power form the wells, which led to stoppage of water flow to Tripoli and some central and western cities.

"The gunmen called for fair outage hours of electricity in the south as in other regions," it added, saying after negotiating, they allowed the power back and work was ongoing to resume the water flow after operation the wells.

Later on Thursday, water flowed back in Tripoli and other cities, added the administration, saying other areas will receive water if not Thursday, then Friday morning.

It called on the authorities to take steps to secure and protect the wells and the workers as water is the right of all Libyans alike.

Tripoli has been lately hot with water outages during the clashes between armed groups as fire hit the power units causing blackouts in Tripoli and its surrounding.

Security problems and technical issues usually trouble the Man-Made River wells in southern Libya, with frequent armed attacks and sabotage acts, not to mention the impact of power outages on the wells' operation.