The so-called General Command of Khalifa Haftar's forces hailed the outcomes of the 6+6 committee formed by the House of Representatives and the High Council of State to prepare election laws, describing them as an important step toward elections, calling on the two chambers to expedite the formation of a new unified government.

The command said in a statement on Friday that it supported all discussions and rapprochement that would end the state of political division, adding that it supported all honest political solutions to end the political crisis in Libya, without excluding anyone or confiscating the rights of any party, so that the electoral laws could achieve the greatest possible agreement to hold elections on time and ensure the implementation of their results.

The statement also urged the House of Representatives and the High Council of State to expedite ending the state of political division and forming what it called a new, unified government of technocrats that would oversee the organization of elections across the country.

It called on the United Nations Mission in Libya to play its role in supporting consensus that leads to holding elections in a correct and transparent manner to achieve political, social and economic stability for the Libyan state.

 Haftar summoned the House of Representatives members to his headquarters in Al-Rajma, east of Benghazi, last week, according to what was reported by his media office, without disclosing further information about the meeting.