The commander of the joint operations room of the western region Osama Juwaili said after one year of war led by Khalifa Haftar's forces on Tripoli, it is clear that Haftar wants to rule Libya by force, adding that he also wants to regain the family rule, which many Libyans revolted against in 2011 and are still fighting up until today.

Speaking on Libya February TV Channel, Juwaili said Haftar wants to control Tripoli and then grip power in the entire country by bloodshed, adding that Libyan fighters and Tripoli residents have been enduring the clashes and indiscriminate attacks in the face of Haftar's forces, which proved their failure.

"This is an unconventional war. 80% of the armed groups of Haftar are foreigners. Their war is funded by regional and Arab states." Juwaili said, adding that the Libyan Army forces are avoiding entering clashes with Haftar's forces in certain western region cities that are supporting Haftar, such as Sorman and Sabratha but they might have to if there is not alternative as what happened in Tarhouna.

"Peace Storm Operation aims to end Haftar's war and crimes, so the best way to tackle Al-Watiya airbase was to make it neutral as we did after several attacks. We expected from the beginning that Haftar wouldn't respect the humanitarian truce but we agreed to show the terrorist militias' reality." He added.

He lashed at the Arab League and international community, saying "their masks had fallen since April 04, 2019, saying Haftar attacked Tripoli when the UN Secretary General was in the capital, but he only expressed his sorrow over the incident.