A statement by the High Council of State (HCS) on Sunday emphasized that the ceasefire agreement signed in Geneva on Friday is between a legitimate authority and a rebel group that tried to seize power by force.

The council insisted the agreement did not include the "legal agreements" concluded by the legitimate executive authority with Turkey.

"The HCS welcomes the ceasefire agreement, the return of domestic flights, the lifting of force majeure from oil fields and ports, and anything that would alleviate the suffering of the people and end the division of the state's institutions," the statement reads.

It also stated skepticism about the goodwill and ability of the "rebel force" to abide by the provisions of this agreement, especially with regard to evacuating mercenaries from the Wagner Group, the Janjaweed, and the Chadian opposition groups.

The HCS underlined that the Geneva Agreement does not abolish the crimes committed in the aggression against the capital, calling for the speedy extradition of criminals, especially those who are involved in any way in the mass graves.

In conclusion, the council reiterated that the displaced must be adequately compensated for the damage to their property and guaranteed a safe return to their homes.