The High Council of State (HCS) rejected in a statement on Saturday the double standards policy used by the UN-proposed government's Presidential Council (PC), which has taken actions against the defense minister, Mahdi Al-Barghathi, before waiting for the end of investigations into the Brak Al-Shati incident.

The HCS said that the PC, on the other hand, is still clinging to the Foreign Minister, Mohammed Sayala, whom it is sending abroad on many occasions despite the violations he made, causing great damage to the "national accord."

"We are displeased to see the PC so busy appointing heads of departments in financial and investment administrations, while it has unjustifiably not picked any name for military positions as included in the Libyan Political Agreement (LPA). Not to mention its failure to provide Libyans with basic necessities." The HCS indicated in the statement.

It added that such an irresponsible decision, sacking Al-Barghathi over Brak Al-Shati attack, is taken by the PC in concord with the demands of some parties that are against the LPA in addition to the media campaigns of its TV channels, which are funded by regional countries that have been constantly gasping for aborting the national accord in Libya.

"Such a line of stream will eventually lead the PC to unpleasant consequences, which could not evidently help it to continue to work as a legitimate party under the LPA. Worse yet, its current conduct can also disperse its supporters." The statement reads.

The PC marked off Al-Barghathi along with the commander of the Third Force, Jamal Al-Treiki, until the investigation into Brak Al-Shati incident is done, while it found it adequate to issue a statement criticizing Sayala's statements, by which he considered Khalifa Haftar as a legitimate commander of the Libyan army, ordering no investigation into his case at all.

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