The High Council of State (HCS) discussed the political situation and the UN Support Mission in Libya's (UNSMIL) proposal to resolve the Libyan crisis and the alternative solutions if the five-party meeting proposal called for by the UN mission failed. 

The HCS discussed what it described as “the House of Representatives’ violation of the political agreement by issuing ill-considered and unconsensual laws as well as decisions to confuse the political scene and influence the future of official institutions, emphasizing adherence to the political agreement.

The HCS also discussed the environmental crisis in the municipality of Zliten and its effects, listening to the committee that the HCS formed to follow up on this crisis. It also decided by a majority of its members to declare the municipality of Zliten a disaster area and allocate a budget to its municipal council to alleviate the suffering of its people and intensify technical work as well as research to determine the cause of the problem.

The HCS discussed as well the file of national reconciliation and transitional justice as well as the measures taken in this file through the forums organized by the Presidential Council. It, therefore, agreed that the HCS Reconciliation Committee would submit a complete report covering all aspects of this file to the Office of the Presidency to hold a special session to discuss it.

The High Council of State also decided to task the Presidency Office with forming a committee to support the Palestinian Cause and to follow up on developments in this issue at the regional and international levels.