The Head of Misrata-Tawergha reconciliation committee Yusuf Al-Zerzah accuses Sunday the Presidential Council (PC) of not fully fulfilling the compensations to the Misrata and Tawergha residents, saying it had transferred 34 million dinars only, knowing that it promised to transfer the whole sum from 2018 budget.

Al-Zerzah told reporters that the PC should have transferred 270 million dinars for the “damaged” from both Tawergha and Misrata.

“We are just a linking point between the residents and the PC and now the PC did not keep its promise thus leaving us in confrontations with the people.” He added.

He explained that the building of the committee has been attacked and burnt in some parts, adding that all the residents should be assured that none of their files had been damaged.

A fire broke in the committee building in Tamina town in Misrata late on Friday.

Misrata and Tawergha signed a reconciliation agreement in June 2018 putting an end to seven years of displacement of the Tawerghans, who were forced out in 2011.