Hit-and-run clashes continue in Libya's capital

Hit-and-run clashes continue in Libya's capital

September 24, 2018 - 20:40
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

Fierce intermittent clashes are still ongoing in southeastern Tripoli, while relative calm has been reported in its southern districts.

Rockets and artillery shells have been also reported falling on civilian properties on Monday in areas like Khalit Al-Furjan, Salah Eddine, Hadba, Ain Zara and Abu Salim after heavy clashes on the day before, according to locals.

Many houses have been damaged and over 11 people have been killed only in the last two couple of days, with scores of injuries.

The warring armed formations posted on their social media pages both videos showing their advances and an exchange of accusations regarding the source of shells and rockets befalling civilians.

Tripoli Protection Force, a coalition of armed groups inside Tripoli, said it is in control of Qasir Benghashir and up to Suoq Al-Ahad Bridge, which was falsified by the Seventh Brigade saying it is in control of all its Qasir Benghashir positions.

Commander of Liwaa Al-Sumood, Salah Badi, said in footage that he is going ahead with the war on "outlaw armed groups" showing a video of backup forces and vehicles coming from Misrata.

Meanwhile, The UNSMIL said Sunday it had devised a list of names for the violators of international humanitarian law and it will send it to the UN Security Council to have them sanctioned as it did with Ibrahim Jodran.

Tripoli violence broke on August 26 between two warring parties: Seventh Brigade of Trahouna along with Liwaa Al-Sumood against amred groups from inside Tripoli like Tripoli Revolutionaries Brigade and Special Deterrence Force.