The Head of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives (HoR), Youssef Al-Agori, told the British ambassador to Libya, Caroline Hurndall that Libya was facing the illegal immigration crisis without much support, referring to the efforts of the HoR to reform the legal framework for immigration.

This statement came during Al-Agori's meeting at the headquarters of the HoR in Benghazi, with Hurndall and her accompanying delegation. They dealt with a number of issues of common interest, the latest political developments, and support for dialogue to reach an appropriate legal framework for elections, and ways to make them successful, in addition to the current illegal immigration crisis and the conditions of civil society, HoR spokesman Abdullah Blehiq reported.

Regarding the work of international organizations, Al-Agori stressed the importance of reforming the legal framework for civil society to provide appropriate conditions and control for its work, referring to the importance of the historical relations between Libya and Britain, and the latter's role in supporting Libya's independence and stability, as well as building its institutions.

Meanwhile, the British ambassador expressed her happiness at visiting the city of Benghazi, her desire to continue coordination and cooperation, and the possibility of providing technical support and advice on a number of issues.