The Speaker of the House of Representatives (HoR), Aquila Saleh, announced on Friday in Rabat, the formation of an international committee, under the supervision of the United Nations (UN) and under the auspices of the Kingdom of Morocco, to select sovereign positions in Libya.

Saleh explained, during a press conference with his Moroccan counterpart Habib El Malki, that Libyan dialogues held in Bouznika witnessed concurrence between both committees of the HoR and the High Council of State on methods of choice of leadership positions.

Saleh further stressed his commitment to the outputs of the first Berlin Conference and the outputs of the Skhirat Agreement, adding that the ‘other party’, in reference to the High Council of State, did not adhere to, nor did it implement these outputs.

The Speaker of the HoR reiterated the necessity for all foreign forces to leave Libya and the expulsion of mercenaries and militias, along with the holding of elections, noting that the second Berlin Conference would likely lead in this direction also.