The monitoring group Migrant Rescue Watch said that the deportation of Egyptian immigrants from eastern Libya continued until last Thursday, and that they were loaded into several trucks and some were taken to Benghazi and others to their countries.

Human Rights Watch criticized, according to Middle East Eye the deportation and the behavior of the Libyan forces during the operations. 

"The conditions under which these people are rounded up appear to be incredibly violent and inhumane," said Hanan Salah, Human Rights Watch's associate director for the Middle East and North Africa.

"This is absolutely unacceptable the way that people are being hoarded into a certain space and yelled at, with obscenities shouted at them... they are being forced to walk and run for long periods. They're apparently not being given the basic necessities they need. The de facto authorities or those who conducted it need to explain themselves."  She added. 

An Egyptian security source told Reuters that only 2,200 of the 4,000 people deported were in Libya illegally. Deportees were detained at the border and then marched 2km into Egypt. 

The deportation came after the security services in Al-Batnan region announced the launching of a security campaign, which they said "aims to combat crime and enforce law in the region."