Human Rights Solidarity (HRS) registered 3.719 casualties - killed, injured or captured - in Libya in 2018 due to clashes in different cities and districts.

In a report issued by HRS on Sunday, it said that the fighters made up 79% of the total number (2947) while the civilian casualties were 772, including 49 children.

"1567 people were killed, 2011 people were injured and 141 others were captured or detained by armed groups." The report says.

It adds that the second quarter of 2018 was the most violent time of the year registering 1538 casualties - saying that June alone saw 857 casualties that included 285 killed persons due escalation in Derna - eastern Libya.

Derna topped the report with the most casualties - 1.111 people - that is 30% of the total number in Libya. The numbers were high due to the clashes between forces loyal to eastern commander Khalifa Haftar and Derna Protection Force. The clashes killed 83 people, including 6 children.

Tripoli came second on the list with 978 casualties; that is 26% of the total number in 2018 due to the clashes in southern Tripoli areas, where 276 people were killed, including 8 children.

Ajdabiya was on the list as well with 469 casualties, while Sabha registered 345, Sirte 309 and Benghazi 174 casualties in 2018.