The Libyan Human Rights Solidarity organization said the statement of the Foreign Ministry on an agreement with the European Union (EU) to curb the influx of illegal immigrants to Europe via Libyan shores wasn't in the best interest of Libya.

The organization said in a statement Saturday that intercepting immigrants at sea and bringing them back to Libya, which is a violation of the international humanitarian law, would lead to accumulated numbers of stranded immigrants in Libya, which serves the interests of the EU.

It added that the EU is aware that tackling the issue of illegal immigration needs taking serious measures at source countries as well as crossing one's, especially Egypt, Sudan, Chad and Niger, in addition to taking measures at the target countries in Europe, saying for Libya as a crossing country, the reasons that made human trafficking thrive must be tackled, referring to armed conflicts, spread of weapons with the militias and corruption as well as lack of law enforcement at state institutions.

Human Rights Solidarity said the EU's policy on immigration and asylum needs revision as most illegal immigrants are driven to the risky sea trip due to the limitation of legal immigration.

The Libyan Foreign Minister, Najla Al-Mangoush, said in a joint press conference with EU officials on Friday that the EU would support Libya in securing its southern borders to limit the flow of immigrants.