The Italian Foreign Ministry said none of the embassy staffers in Tripoli was hurt in the car bomb blast that took place on Saturday evening in an area close to the embassy compound.

In a statement issued on Saturday, the Italian Foreign Ministry hailed the courageous performance of the security personnel tasked to secure the embassy, “they have done a good job,” it added, pointing out that the embassy and the Foreign Ministry are following the details of the incidents with Libyan local authorities.

“We appreciate that the Libyan security authorities rushed to boost the security status in the vicinity of the Italian embassy and the residence of the ambassador, Giuseppe Perrone.” The Italian Foreign Ministry added.

Two people were found killed in the car that exploded, the Italian Foreign Ministry added, saying the car was stuffed with explosives and detonated nearby Italy and Egypt’s embassies in Tripoli.

The car bombing took place on Saturday in Al-Dahra neighborhood near Italy’s embassy after the car had been chased by the security personnel tasked to secure the embassy when it tried to park next to the embassy’s building.

Whereas the Presidential Council’s spokesman claimed that the target of the explosion was the Planning Ministry not the Italian embassy, the eastern government of Al-Thanni tried to seize the opportunity and score some points for its political agenda by urging all the diplomatic attachés in Tripoli to leave, saying the capital is unsafe and a very devastated city that is burdened with everyday crises.

It added that the crises in the capital are being schemed by certain parties, without naming those parties.