Italy has expressed interest in Libya's strategic minerals and its desire to develop and enhance the economic partnership between the two countries by establishing joint ventures and assisting Libya in becoming a future hub for digital green energy.

Italian Minister of Industry Adolfo Urso stated this during his meeting with Libya's Minister of Industry and Minerals, Ahmed Abuhisa, in Tripoli on Tuesday on the sidelines of the Libya International Conference for Industry and Technology.

According to the Ministry of Industry and Minerals' Facebook page, Abuhisa emphasized the importance of strengthening relationships with neighbouring countries, especially those with agreements and treaties with Libya, such as Italy.

He stressed that genuine development must be achieved through well-planned programs, leveraging global expertise, and forming partnerships that respect each country's laws and regulations.

During the meeting, Abuhisa highlighted Libya's diverse mineral resources, which he said play a crucial role in establishing, developing, and enhancing various industries based on local raw materials.

Meanwhile, the Italian Minister reaffirmed his country's interest in strengthening cooperation with Libya, emphasizing its importance for both the EU and the African Union.

He expressed Italy's readiness to collaborate with Libyan institutions in industrial and technological fields and emphasized Italy's interest in strategic minerals used to manufacture solar panels.

Urso further highlighted that Libya's geographical proximity to Europe positions it well to become a manufacturer and exporter of these products, with economic security for the region becoming a priority.

The Italian Minister discussed the establishment of large factories in Italy to produce high-quality solar panels and semiconductors, which could pave the way for joint projects between the two countries, enabling Libya to become a future hub for digital green energy.