The Minister of Local Government, Badr Al-Deen Al-Toumi, participated in the third edition of the “Toward the South” international forum, which was held in the Italian city of Cerento.

The media office of the Ministry of Local Government said that the forum aims to build and strengthen a new vision for southern Italy in the central Mediterranean region, and to emphasize the importance of cooperation and peace-building in the Mediterranean region as a whole.

During his participation in the forum, the Minister provided a briefing about Libya’s experience in the decentralization transformation project, highlighting the successes achieved by the Government of National Unity in activating municipalities, enabling them to manage their various specialties, to collect and use their local financial resources, and granting them a high degree of administrative and financial independence.

The Minister stressed the importance of the forum as a reliable initiative to connect the North and the South, pointing to its role in bringing visions closer and thus achieving industrial and service integration in addition to its contribution to increasing the domestic outputs of the Mediterranean countries.

He pointed out the importance of providing funding for investment operations in the southern Mediterranean region, whether in infrastructure, transportation, education or health, and the necessity of strengthening trade cooperation and benefiting from the “MATI” initiative and developing implementation plans for it to ensure the achievement of its goals.