At least 23 illegal migrants were killed and 124 were injured as the truck that was smuggling them on the road to the south of Bani Walid town crashed.

The spokesman of the Bani Walid Hospital, Hatim Al-Twaijir, told the press on Wednesday that over 300 illegal immigrants, mainly from Somalia and Eritrea, were onboard the truck – 60 km to the south of Bani Walid – this morning.

“124 migrants were wounded, 35 of whom need urgent transfer to Tripoli hospitals, while 7 others need extensive care, yet the rest are in stable conditions.” Libyan News Agency reported the Bani Walid General Director, Mohammed Al-Mabrouk, as saying.

Al-Mabrouk urged the Ministry of Health to help Bani Walid Hospital and provide the needed medicines as it is undergoing acute shortages, let alone inadequate accommodation capacity as it has only 120 beds.