Libya has urged the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to help find an immediate and unconditional stop to the Israeli aggression against Gaza and the West Bank, as the Libyan representative to the ICJ, Ahmed Al-Jehani, reiterated the right of the Palestinian people to resist, and considered the occupation that had been in place for six decades a blatant violation of humanitarian and United Nations laws.

Al-Jehani said that the articles of international humanitarian law stipulated that the protection of civilians applied to deliberations in the court, noting that the crimes of the Israeli occupation amounted to genocide, asking all countries not to support the occupation and to oblige Israel not to displace Palestinians.

He also called on the United Nations to consider additional measures to end the occupation without procrastination or delay, adding that the occupation forces had deprived Palestinians of their right to self-determination, and they were trying to eliminate the right of Palestinians to their own state. He indicated that the Israeli occupation was continuing its measures aimed at annexing Jerusalem and its system of apartheid against Arabs.