Libya's eastern government, which is based in Al-Bayda and chaired by Abdullah Al-Thanni, has cut ties with Qatar to join Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Bahrain and Yemen.

The eastern government, which is not recognized by the international community and is a strong rejecting entity of the Skhirat-signed Libyan Political Agreement, severed ties with Qatar in solidarity with the five other states, which announced cutting relations with Qatar as well, said the eastern government's Foreign Minister, Mohammed Al-Dayri.

Al-Dayri cited Libyans' disfavor of Qatar's repetitive attacks on their dignity after February revolution of 2011.

The severance of diplomatic ties could hardly have any effect on the ground in Libya as the eastern government is weekly represented across Libya, since in fact it only represents some cities in the eastern region, while western, central and southern Libyan regions remain beyond its control and decisions.