Foreign Minister Muhammad Siyala has emphasized the need for Africa to engage effectively in regional and international events through the reforming of the UN Security Council.

 A statement by the Foreign Ministry said that Siyala reiterated Libya's support for the African demand to have a permanent representation in the UN Security Council.

Siyala's remarks came during his participation in the virtual ministerial meeting of the Committee of Ten Heads (C10) of the African Union on reforming the UN Security Council, which was chaired by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sierra Leone.

The African officials reviewed the recommendations made on the committee's activities during the African summit in February 2020, reiterating the importance of maintaining the momentum of the African position in the request for a permanent African seat in the Security Council.

It is noteworthy that the C10 was formed in 2005 and consists of 10 African countries, with the mission of strengthening and supporting the unified African position in the ongoing negotiations on reforming the United Nations system.