The Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs, Al-Taher Al-Baour, has discussed with the Special Representative of the Chinese Government for African Affairs, Liu Yuxi, bilateral relations between the two nations.

The parties reviewed the Chinese continued support for stability in Libya and potential cooperation to reform the Security Council (SC) as Libya is a member of the Group of Ten of the African Union.

Currently, the African continent is working towards obtaining two permanent seats on the UN Security Council, with Libya leading these efforts as a member of the Group of Ten.

Al-Baour emphasized Libya's support for unifying the African position in the ongoing negotiations to reform the UN Security Council.

He highlighted China's significant role in backing the African demands for obtaining the continent’s full rights in the SC.

It is noteworthy that Libya is participating in the G10 meeting at the expert and foreign minister levels, as well as the summit meeting of member states, held in the city of Oyala.