Weather Forecast

The National Center of Meteorology (NCM) has expected that weather conditions Saturday, and over the next two days be moderate weather over most regions of the country, with increasing clouds from time to time over the central and southern regions, interspersed with scattered rain that may be accompanied by thunderstorms at times.
 The weather conditions in Libya, Saturday, 04 May 2024, are as follows: 
1.    Area extending from Ras Jadir to Sirte - Al-Jafara Plain - Jabal Nafusa (North West of Libya):

- Sky condition:      Clear to few clouds, sometimes increasing over Qurayyat, with the possibility of light rain that may be interspersed with thunderstorms. 
- Wind: Northeasterly, light to moderate, turning to southeasterly on Monday.
- Temperature: Ranges between (20-24 °C) in the coastal area, and between (27-32°C) in the interior.

2.    Gulf - Benghazi plain up to Emssad (North East of Libya):
- Sky condition:    Sparsely cloudy increasing at times.
- Wind: Moderate northwesterly wind gradually turns to northeasterly on Monday.
- Temperature: Ranging in most areas between (21-27°C).

3.    Al-Jufra - Sabha - Ghat - Ghadames – Hamada (South West of Libya):

- Sky condition: sparsely cloudy, with light and scattered rain falling over Sabha. 
- Wind: Moderate north-easterly to south-easterly.
- Temperature: Ranging in most area between (32-37 °C).

  4.  The Oases - Sarir - Tazirbo – Kufra (South East of Libya):
- Sky condition: sparsely cloudy, increasing at times with light and scattered rain falling on the Sarir.
- Wind: Changing direction to northwesterly, light to moderate in speed, active in the evening over Tazirbu and Kufra, turning tomorrow to northeasterly over Tazirbu.
 - Temperature: Ranging between (32-37 °C).