Weather Forecast

The National Center of Meteorology (NCM) expects most regions of the country to witness moderate temperature, especially in the northern regions, where it is expected to range between (25-30°C), with the appearance of fog late at night and early tomorrow morning in some regions of the northwest and the Green Mountain highlands. However, maximum temperature is relatively high in southern regions, ranging between (37-43 °C), but expected to record a decline tomorrow in the southwestern regions.

Clouds will increase from time to time today in the areas of Jalo and Al-Jaghbub, and some areas of the southwest, which may be interspersed with thunderstorms.

The weather forecast in Libya on Sunday, 26 May 2024, is as follows: 
1.    Area extending from Ras Jadir to Sirte - Al-Jafara Plain - Jabal Nafusa (North West of Libya):

- Sky condition:     Clear to few clouds, with the possibility of water mist appearing late at night and early in the morning in some areas.
- Wind: Northeasterly, light and moderate speed in most areas.
- Temperature: Ranges between (24-30 °C).

2. Gulf - Benghazi plain up to Emssad (North East of Libya):
- Sky condition:    Clouds increase from time to time, over the Gulf regions and the Benghazi Plain up to Emssad, with the possibility of fog appearing late at night and early in the morning on the heights of the Green Mountain.
- Wind: Moderate northwesterly, active in coastal areas.
- Temperature: Ranging between (23-29°C).

   3. Al-Jufra - Sabha - Ghat - Ghadames – Hamada (South West of Libya):
- Sky condition:          Clouds are also increasing today over some areas of Al-Jufra, Sabha, Ghat, Ghadames, and Hamada.
- Wind: Moderate to active northeasterly wind at times in some areas.
- Temperature: Ranging between (37-43°C), expected to decrease tomorrow.

 4.  The Oases - Sarir - Tazirbo – Kufra (South East of Libya):
- Sky condition: Sparsely cloudy, increasing today in Jalo and Al-Jaghbub with the possibility of light rain. 
- Wind: Moderate northerly wind in most areas.
- Temperature: Ranging between (37-43 °C).