Weather Forecast

The National Center of Meteorology (NCM) expects the influence of the hot air mass to remain in most regions of the country, where the maximum temperature is expected between (39-48°C) , while it is moderate in the areas of the western coast (from Ras Jadir to Al-Khoms), where it ranges between (29-34°C), with an increase in humidity. In these areas, temperatures will drop in most areas of the northwest starting tomorrow, while the effect of the hot mass will remain on the rest of the country’s regions, especially (Bani Walid - Abu Najim - Al-Jufra - Al-Khaleej - the northeastern regions - the oases - Ghadames).

The temperatures would be moderate in the northeastern regions as of Saturday.

The weather bulletin for Wednesday, June 12, 2024, is as follows:

1.    Area extending from Ras Jadir to Sirte - Al-Jafara Plain - Jabal Nafusa (North West of Libya):
- Sky condition:     Clouds are increasing this evening over the areas of the Nafusa Mountain, accompanied by thunderstorms.
- Wind: Northwesterly, light to moderate speed over the coastal areas from Ras Jadir to Al-Khoms, while they will be southeasterly and southwesterly over the rest. It will turn northwesterly this evening in some areas.
- Temperature: Ranges between (29-34°C) in the coastal areas from Ras Jadir to Al-Khoms, with relatively high humidity, and it will be high in the rest of the areas, where it ranges between (38-47°C) and reaches in Abu Najim and its vicinity (48°C), and will decline from this evening and will be noticeable tomorrow in most areas.

2. Gulf - Benghazi plain up to Emssad (North East of Libya):
- Sky condition:    Clear.
- Wind: Light to moderate southeasterly, turning to northwesterly on Friday evening.
- Temperature: Ranges between (36-43°C), recording a decrease from Friday evening.

3. Al-Jufra - Sabha - Ghat - Ghadames – Hamada (South West of Libya):
- Sky condition:  Clear
- Wind: Light to moderate southwesterly to southeasterly.
- Temperature: Ranging between (41-48°C).

 4.  The Oases - Sarir - Tazirbo – Kufra (South East of Libya):
- Sky condition: Clear.
- Wind: Moderate northeasterly.
- Temperature: Ranging between (41-45°C).