African Security and Intelligence Services

The International Workshop, organized by the Libyan Intelligence Agency in collaboration with the Committee of African Security and Intelligence Services (CISSA), recommended intensifying the exchange of intelligence information among participating African security and intelligence agencies regarding terrorist organizations and transnational crime syndicates.

Concluding its activities under the theme "The Phenomenon of Terrorism and Organized Crime in the North African Region: Treatment and Collective Confrontation Strategy," the event called for increased coordination among African security and intelligence agencies in combating smuggling and cutting off its funding sources.

The workshop also recommended enhancing cybersecurity against electronic terrorism crimes, including monitoring terrorist activities that use the internet for propagation. It urged heightened vigilance against the threat of lone-wolf terrorism and the development of strategies to identify individuals and groups vulnerable to such threats, along with efforts to sever ties between drug trafficking gangs and terrorist organizations.

The gathering aimed to improve community participation in collecting intelligence on online platforms and establish strict measures to prevent digital currencies from being used to finance terrorism and organized crime.

Participants praised the Agency's efforts to enhance national and regional security and stability in combating terrorist groups and transnational crime syndicates. They also commended the Agency's recent operations, dismantling numerous terrorist cells with regional and international extensions.

The meeting, chaired by Hussein Al-Ayeb, head of the Libyan Intelligence Agency, took place on May 11th and 12th and was attended by officials, specialists, and security experts from 26 countries. The Libyan Presidential Council and the High Council of State participated in the opening session.