Interior Minister of the Government of National Unity, Khaled Mazen

The Libyan Interior Minister Khaled Mazen has denied the Tunisian claims that there are terrorists in Al-Watiya airbase (AB), urging in a letter to the Head of the Interpol Office for a reply to Tunisian authorities that such a claim is baseless.

Tunisia notified the Interpol of the presence of '100 terrorists at Al-Watiya AB and said they were trying to infiltrate into its territory.

The Libyan Interior Minister also said that the Anti-Terrorism Force was doing its tasks of monitoring terrorist acts and detaining all those suspected of involvement in terrorism.

Last week, Mazen told the security directors of areas on the border with Tunisia to investigate the Tunisian claims.

A source close to military commanders at Al-Watiya AB said all forces in and around the base are regular army forces under the Ministry of Defense and said the Tunisian claims of terrorists were the first result of the "coup in Tunisia".

The source referenced what happened previously in eastern Libya when Haftar’s forces' claims that were used by Egypt as a pretext to intervene in Libyan conflict on the side of Haftar, targeting Libyan Army units who were repelling the offensive by Haftar’s forces, referring also to a recent statement by Haftar’s spokesman, Ahmed Al-Mismari, who claimed that the assassination attempt that Tunisian President said he escaped was planned on Libyan soil.