The Libyan Fatwa House has called on Muslim countries to freeze their diplomatic ties with Sweden and the Netherlands after a group of extremists from these states set fire to a copy of the holy Quran.

"Such hideous acts indicate the amount of hatred and rage these countries hold against the religion of Islam, its book, its sanctities, and its followers," The Council of Sharia Research and Studies at the Fatwa House stated on Friday.

It called on Muslims around the world and in particular, the business community to boycott goods imported from Sweden and the Netherlands, as well as France and India, and to voice their rejection "of these shameful acts."

The statement also called on the Muslim communities in Sweden and the Netherlands to push for the punishment of those involved in these acts through all available channels and urged the media to play its part as well.

The Libyan government had condemned earlies the Sweden government for allowing such behavior on its territory considering it an attack on the sanctities of Muslims and a provocation to their feelings.