The High Council of State (HCS) has announced its approval in principle of the proposal of a roadmap for the executive track of electoral laws during a session held at its headquarters in Tripoli. 

The media office of the HCS said that the HCS would take into account the comments received from the members, without revealing more details about these comments or what happened during the session.

A number of HCS members told reporters about their rejection of the roadmap proposal, describing the session in which it was approved as illegal and lacking quorum, while some of them accused the Head of the HCS, Khalid Al-Mishri, of seeking to pass an agreement between him and House of Representatives' Speaker Aqila Saleh for their personal interests.

On last Wednesday, the Legal Affairs Committee of the HCS published its remarks on the proposed roadmap for the implementation of electoral laws. This came days after Al-Mishri had announced that the House of Representatives and the HCS issued a roadmap for holding elections, and indicated that it aimed to from a new government and electoral laws.